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       Crab Bully Bushel Baskets are now Available!  These baskets are exact bushel measurement to replace all your broken wooden baskets.  Choose from two styles (Crab Mustard, Original).  Baskets serve a dual purpose!  They serve as your normal Orange fish basket or as an exact bushel measurement! 


     The plastic forever bushel basket was designed to pay tribute to the old wooden bushel basket.  The basket is made of the same plastic that lines your refrigerator.  You can now give your crabs a soak without worry the bottom will fall out. We added a belt to mimic the mid rim found on the wooden model, but made it useful.  (Plastic mold can't add rim) The belt will hold anything you would like with its double velco straps including your Measurer and Tongs.  


     The lid is made of treated aluminum and will not rust.  The lid straps will be available soon and will ship seperate when they arrive,  The strap will hold your lid tight for those who love to pack bushels!  


     Soak a towel from the water you are crabbing and put on top of crabs when leaving for the day.  They can be left refrigerated for days this way in your new Crab Bully forever bushel basket! 

Exact Bushel Baskets (Patent Pending)

PriceFrom $17.99
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