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For Years the Veteran Elite Crabbers of our time have painted their traps red.  They knew the secret that crabs are attracted to the color red, like bulls.  Now, only available at Crab Bully, we offer you this

600' 3 Strand twisted Medium-Soft Lay Nylon Trotline.  Available in 1/8", or 3/16" Snoods.  See video attached of the line at work!  (My Cousin Rylie, Must see how amazing she is!) 


Snood Choice!

1/8" Snood for chicken necks

3/16" Snood best for clam bags 

600' Barber Pole Trotline 1/4" 3 Strand Medium-Soft Lay Twisted Nylon Trotline

PriceFrom $124.99
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