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We  only use the best quality rope for our lines.  We will not sell braided rope or any other type of  rope other than our line made only for us.  Our Distributor makes our rope to our exact specifications and only for Crab Bully.  We have the only Soft Lay rope you will find!  It is 100% Nylon for that extra great feel!


Your new trotline will Tangle less than any other rope you can buy.  With proper care it will last 10+ years all for a price better than anyone else.  We believe giving our customers the best quality at the lowest price you will come to us with all of your needs!  


Snood Choice! 

1/8" Snoods best for chicken necks

3/16" Snoods best for Clam Bags 

300' Zebra 1/14" 3 Strand Medium-Soft Twisted Nylon Trotline

PriceFrom $69.99
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