Crab Bully now offers pick up.  Select pickup at checkout.  You can also visit the workshop by appointment  to get crabbing tips for new crabbers and walk you through your new gear!   195 Laurel Drive Nottingham, PA 19362


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Now Available, Zipper Bait bags that stay on your trotline!  Limited supply available 


Meet the founder

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In memory of my buddy, Crab Bully

Crab Bully Introduces the Tournament Snood!  Click tournament rules above for more details. 
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$1 - $50 = $8.99 
$51 - $149 = $4.99

$150 and up = FREE

Louisianna - $24.99
$500 and up = Free


3rd Annual Crab Bully Crabbing Tournament

August 20th 2022

Upcoming Events

  • Maryland Participants (2)
    Sat, Aug 20
    Maryland, USA
    Aug 20, 4:00 AM – Aug 21, 4:00 AM
    Maryland, USA
    Buy your Crab Bully Trotline and receive a free Tournament Snood to participate in this years tournament. Snood can also be purchased in our "fun crab stuff" Page on the site. Our snood will be a double headed Mumbo catcher, (We Hope).

Tutorial Video's

Crab Bully Tips for Beginners

1. Check the tide chart where you will be crabbing for the day.  Make sure you have as many baits in the water allowed by law when the tide is moving!  (Crabbing can be slow at slack tide) 

2.  Only use the freshest bait possible.  Razor Clams are the preferred bait of most commercial crabbers.  Make sure clams are fresh and alive for best results.  If using chicken necks, cut to 3 -3 1/2 inches to attach to your line! (Crab Bully poultry scissors available now) 

3.  Find the depth where the crabs are!  Each trip will be different and there are so many beliefs as to why they are at each depth.  Make sure you are using a depth finder and lay your gear in the depth you are catching in pattern! 
4.  Use quality gear. Crab Bully trotlines are made of 3 strand Nylon.  This is the most tangle free line on the market.  Most times you will be able to shake free any tangles.  (This helps a lot when starting out) . 

5. When laying your line make sure your buoy line has anchors and chain heavy enough to hold your line to the bottom.  (If your line is not on the bottom, you will not catch any crabs) Crab Bully recommends 15 lb+ anchors for 600' lines and  20lb+ anchors for 1200 foot.  

6.  When laying your line, run it as straight as possible.  Drop your anchor the moment your line becomes taut.  You will know your line is set correctly if your line dips or goes deeper when a crab is on the line ahead! 

7.   I have never seen any other crabber use this tactic, but......... If you have the funds, invest in a remote control trolling motor.  This method is super quiet in the water, and makes crabbing easy when going by yourself.  (Video coming soon) 

8.  If you are serious about crabbing do yourself a favor and invest in a trotline winder.  Crab Bully recommends the winder on our site!  It works incredible!  It is absolutely worth every penny!

9.  Find a storage container for your trotline with a lid that will fit in a freezer.  After crabbing all day you will not be interested in pulling water logged nasty bait off your line.  Merely store it in your container and throw in the freezer when you get home.  Before your next trip thaw it out and pull off old bait and put on new.  (For best results, pull off bait before completely thawed and slightly frozen)! The freezer will keep it from stinking!  (Video attached at top of this page!) 


Crab Bully is proud to support Maryland's Fallen Outdoors team. Please contact them for more details.



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